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Boyd Coulson. BaPsycSci, Dip.Coun.


Boyd is a Clinical Psychotherapist with a 30 year career across many facets of Psychotherapy and Consumer Psychology, primarily in Consumer and Organisational Psychology and has successfully run his own large company as well as advising many of Australias largest corporations on successful approaches to understanding the human decision making process.


In 2014 Boyd switched focus from consumer and behavioural psychology to Relational Psychotherapy (Relationships and Marriage) and this has become the driver behind the creation of Seabreeze Therapy. Boyd’s focus is on preventative psychology. To work and create interventions with Seabreeze clients to calm, work through and resolve issues before they become major problems. As a keen sailor Boyd see the effect of the afternoon sea breeze coming in at the hottest time of the day to cool and calm down those it touches. When times and talk get heated, it’s the techniques and wisdom shared at Seabreeze that will help cool and rebalance the temperature of your life.


Boyd has been at the epicentre of high powered business and knows and understands the stresses and fears that’s successful people have. The stress, the anxiety and sometimes that feeling that you should not be there, that you are in some way, an imposter.  With his significant experience, Boyd has studied, researched and worked with many high performance business executives in effectively lowering the stress of work in the 21st century.


 The approach Boyd takes is one of helping my clients understand themselves and their drives, understand the forces influencing their behaviours and helping them change behaviours they want to change and strengthen those they don’t. Boyd’s therapeutic approach is influenced by the great research and work of psychological researchers Drs John Gottman, Julie Gottman, Jeff Young, John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth. The approach is very much the idea of who we are, is the sum of all our life experiences.


An important part of Boyds work is assisting couples with pre martial psycho-education. Pre-Marital psycho-education is the process of allowing you understand your prospective partner’s personality, how they deal with stress, and how you can help your partner through not only in the good times, but also the tough times as well, all the time making the relationship stronger and healthier. This important work as this forms a major research study that I am currently doing so as to reduce relationship failure and improve marriage outcomes.


Above all, Boyd is passionate about helping people like you come to terms with their inner selves, their ambitions, their inner drivers, their relationships with people around them and in terms of couples and martial therapy, seeking to revive the “us” in their relationship.


 That’s why he created Seabreeze Therapy. To help you achieve peace, a cooled mind and calm in your life.


Issues I can help you with:

  • Marital or Relationship Psychotherapy or counselling
  • Executive stress and work life balance measurement
  • Anxiety counselling and management
  • Mild Depression or Dysthymia Psychotherapy management
  • Pre-Marital couple’s therapy and education
  • Or if life is getting all too much and you need a friendly face to talk to


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