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Stress, Anxiety and Emotion Therapy


According to the Stress Diathesis Model (Zuckermann, 1999), a little stress is a good and productive thing. Too much stress and it can damage your mind, health and your career. Managing your stress better improves your health, your productivity and your career success and your relationships.

Seabreeze understand this and offers a truly holistic offering including empirically supported psychotherapeutic stress reducing strategies for your mind, to allow you to face your stresses and fears and take back control of your life.

We at Seabreeze Therapy believe that how we all approach stressful situations and what you eat and take into your body can impact on the levels of stress and its influence in your life.

Zuckerman, M. (1999). Vulnerability to psychopathology: A biosocial model. American Psychological Association.


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